MARGARET MILLS HARPER教授  京都大学講演会のお知らせ(12月14日)

Margaret Mills Harper教授


演題 “Yeats’s Transgressive Dancers”「越境するイェイツのダンサーたち」

案内(PDF) lecture 14 Dec 2018




 日時:12月14日(金) 時間:14:45開始  16:15終了

場所: 京都大学 吉田南キャンパス総合館3階 共北3B

演題 “Yeats’s Transgressive Dancers”「越境するイェイツのダンサーたち」

Dancers and dancing populate the work of W. B. Yeats, across genres, from plays to poems to short fiction to critical and philosophical prose, and spanning his early Romantic-inflected work to late texts that push past Modernism in theme and form. This lecture will focus in particular on Yeats’s late dancers. They emerge from the aestheticism of the early work and the confessional modes of the middle period to become figures that are much more socially and aesthetically transgressive than is sometimes realised. They are also animated by the late philosophy outlined in the occult treatise A Vision, which stresses the always changing relationship between strictly opposing polarities rather than the poles themselves.


講演者 Margaret Mills Harper 教授(リメリック大学):

Recent Publication: A Vision (1937), Volume 14 of The Collected Works of W. B. Yeats

“I study and teach Irish and American literature of the twentieth and current century, modernisms, modern and contemporary poetry, and transnational feminist theory. I’m a specialist in the occult life and work of W. B. Yeats and have written about the mediumistic collaboration between Yeats and his wife George Hyde Lees, as well as editing scholarly editions of the manuscripts and philosophical book A Vision…. “

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