Kyoto Symposium 2018

2018 International Yeats Society Symposium, Kyoto

The 54th Annual Conference of the Yeats Society of Japan

The International Yeats Society and the Yeats Society of Japan Joint Symposium in Kyoto 2018


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Dates: December 15ー16, 2018

[Tentative Programme]

2018 Kyoto Tentative Programme (19 Oct) [PDF]



Clock Tower Centennial Hall of Kyoto University

36 Yoshidahonmachi, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture (Kyoto University Clock Tower)

and Kashokaku Noh Theatre

160-1, Saihojicho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture (Kashokaku, 嘉祥閣)


Themes:  Any topic on Yeats is welcome, but the following theme is particularly encouraged:

               Yeats and Laughter ”


   Topics may include:

-thematic concerns on laughter in Yeats poems/plays
-cultural considerations on Yeatsean humor and Modernism
-laughter in post-Yeats poets/writers
-Yeats and Kyogen
-laughter in Irish folklore and mythology


Call for Papers: Please submit your abstracts (250 words) to the Yeats Society of Japan by 31 July: info[at]the-yeats-society-of-japan[dot]jp


Schedule: Details will be announced soon.


Accommodation: The Yeats Society of Japan has secured 50 single rooms in the hotel “Co-op Inn Kyoto” for anyone who intends to attend the conference. For the information about Co-op Inn Kyoto, check the website:  

It takes about 15 min to get to Kyoto University by taxi. Taxi sharing will be the best option.  Hotel charges: 6700 yen + tax per night except Saturday night (11000 yen + tax) 

For the booking of Co-op Inn Kyoto:

Please fill out this Booking Form and send it to Prof. Hiroko Ikeda, who is in charge of the accommodation,  by e-mail by the end of October 2018:  (on a first-come-first-served basis).   If you do not get the mail of confirmation in two days, please do not hesitate to contact her again.

There is the only limited number of smoking rooms available. Please ask her if you need one. Otherwise, please try other hotels.
You can pay either in cash or by credit card at check-in.


☛ If you are going to book Co-op Inn Kyoto with the above Booking Form, your arrival date needs to be either 14/Dec/2018/ or 15/Dec/2018/ and departure date either 16/Dec/2018/ or 17/Dec/2018/.  We are sorry for the small flexibility. In case you want to arrive earlier or depart later than these dates, please directly contact < > (English spoken) , but do not contact Prof. Ikeda.  The Co-op Inn Kyoto will provide a good assistance for your travel planning.

 ☛ DON’T FORGET to mention in your mail to Co-op Inn that you are a participant of  the International Yeats Society.


 Travel Guide: Unfortunately, there is no direct connection between Yeats and Kyoto, but Kyoto is a city many members of both societies may wish to visit. A travel guide by Kyoto City contains much yet concise information of tours, world heritage sites, etc.



Restaurants on campus:

Camphora (Yoshoku)

La Tour (French)

Le Cafe (Cafeteria/ French, inside l’ Institut Français de Kansai)

Cafeteria Renais (Vegan menu available) (Please zoom in and click ‘search’)


Registration: Please select one item of fees from the drop-down list below (your PayPal account is required).

Early registration is recommended and will be accepted until 31 October.


Directions and Maps: 

For access to Kyoto University Clock Tower, please see the Main Campus map, the access map, and the small-scale map below.

Kashokaku Noh Theatre (嘉祥閣) is located near Exit 4 of Marutamachi Station on the Karasuma Subway Line. Please see the maps below.

Kyoto University Clock Tower  ←Kyoto University (small scale)


Kashokaku (large)   ←Kashokaku (small scale)


Kashokaku, Marutamachi  ←Kashokaku (large scale)


(updated  24 April. 2018)

2018 Tentative Programme (updated on 19 Oct)15-Dec9:20-14:0010:15-11:3011:30-13:0013:00-14:3014:30-16:0016:10-17:3018:00-19:3016-Dec9:30-10:0010:00-11:3011:30-13:0013:00-14:3014:30-15:0015:00-17:0017:00-17:3019:00-21:00Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall (9:00〜17:30)Morning Coffee (Hall I)Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall (9:00〜18:00)Shigeyama Sengoro Kyogen Family, The Cat and the MoonHIroyuki Inoue (& Toshiaki Yoshinami), ‘An Introduction to Noh’Kashokaku (18:00-19:30)Reception (Hall I )Session 3 & 4 (Hall I & II)Session 1 & 2 (Hall I & II)Lunch Break (General Meeting of the Yeats Society of Japan 11:35-12:00)Welcome and Plenary Lectures (Hall I, 2F)Registration (Lounge, 2F)Session 5 & 6 (Hall I & II)Conference Dinner (Ganko, Takasegawa Nijoen)Session 7 & 8 (Hall I & II)Afternoon Tea (Hall I & II)Plenary Lectures (Hall I)Lunch BreakClosing Remarks (Hall I)